Ten Reasons Why

Established in 1996, Media Design Pty Ltd, were the pioneers in CD Multimedia presentations for the music and IT industries. The company’s growth included print fulfillment, and in more
recent years online solutions.

Media Design contains 5 specialist departments which cover the main areas of media production;
Projects delivered by the Media Design may utilise one or a combination of any specialised departments. Most departments consist of managers with over 10 year’s individual experience in their chosen field.
Key Benefit: End clients enjoy the combined resource of 50 year’s experience, covering all areas of media communication with one purchase order and one point of contact.

Media Design remains on the cutting edge of new media, incorporating the latest hardware and software applications to deliver your projects. Today’s DVD and CD presentations incorporate the latest video compression algorithms (MPEG4). Presentations run on either Mac or PC platforms, and users are not required to install any software to do this. This innovation is carried across to traditional print.

Every manager within the Media Design is “hands-on”. There is no “fat” or “deadwood”. Each player has a major stake hold in the company, and this ensures that projects are delivered in a timely manner, and customer satisfaction is not just some buzzword.
Our suppliers are expected to deliver to the same standards as the internal group. (If they wish to remain our preferred suppliers).

The 5 key areas of Media Communication are represented by specialist departments, run by managers who are specialists within their fields. This combination makes the Media Design a strong provider if your company or cause requires cross media representation. This is scalable in the future should you currently require only one key service or product.

Media Design must keep rates low because their main revenue is from trade or reseller projects. This is done with internal representation of the 5 key areas of Media, our efficiency and our awareness of overheads and costly outsourcing.
Key Benefit:End users enjoy the same rates as trade resellers. Our overheads are low because of minimal outsourcing required by the group.

Media Design is well regarded in trade circles as an anonymous supplier that manages to get the impossible done and within budget.
Projects completed for brokers and resellers have forged our reputation, now is an opportunity for your projects to experience the same.

Media Design understands that end users require more than “boxed” media solutions. Media Design is a dynamic company that excels at delivering innovative or u nusual projects, which require cross department co-operation to get the task done.
Key Benefit: The departments within the group work well to produce true “multi-media” solutions. Test out our capabilities with your special project concept.

Media Design caters for sole proprietor start ups to the largest names in the corporate world. Our specialist departments deliver intimate customer service with dedicated representatives for our larger clients if the project requires.
Key Benefit:Key partnership alliances within the group ensure that no project is outside our realms.

Work Relationship Ethic
The philosophy behind Media Designis not to just sell media, but to create a lasting working relationship that benefits both parties. Since the company’s inception, we take pride in our high customer retention record. Companies and individuals that deal with Media Design specialist departments everyday know this work ethic in the form of an 11th hour deadline request, to a support call well and truly after a project has been delivered.
Key Benefit: We offer you the opportunity to experience this refreshing work ethic by trying any
Media Designspecialised department with your media projects.

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